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My name is Julia and I'm a fully qualified, licensed tourist guide for Geneva and Lavaux Unesco Site.  I am  a member of The Geneva  and Switzerland Guide Associations. I have also completed a Wine Course at Geneva University. Here you can see my diplomas.


I have a great passion for Geneva Lake region and consider myself fortunate to live in this area, the most compact metropolis and the "Peace Capital" of the world. I'm interested in the history of our region, in its culture and traditions.  I'm also a foodie (I'm curious about ingredients and agriculture, about markets and farmers, about preparation and chefs, about food-culture and traditions and I'm ready to travel a distance, just to try a restaurant or a special dish) and I will be happy to share this passion with you. Geneva has a very diverse restaurant scene, sou you will have many different options when selecting a dining experience. It will be a pleasure for me to take you to the dairy in the mountains, to organise a visit of the chocolate factory, to prepare a picnic basket for you with our typical food and to tell you about culinay heritage of Switzerland in the nice picnic place in front of the gorgeous scenery. Your tour in this country without a proper alpin food, delicious local restaurants (a lot of them are mentioned in Michelin guide) and wine tasting would not be a complete travel experience.

My tours

Walking tour in Geneva 2 or 3 hours.

Watch tour in Geneva 3 hours.

Geneva's countryside with wine degustation. 

4 or 7 hours.

Geneva during Escalade.

2 or 3 hours.

Strollin in the old Carouge town.
Geneva's neighbour. 2 or 3 hours.

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